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Welcome to Fa'Darryl's World.  Here you can discover all there is to know about the rising talent that is Fa'Darryl.  From music to movies to education and philanthropy, Fa’Darryl dominates as a force across multiple industries.  Most notably world renowned as a singer/songwriter, Fa’Darryl is fearless in the expression of his many creative gifts, skills, and talents.  Few words can truly capture all that Fa’Darryl is and all that he does, but here is your unique opportunity to journey and explore Fa’Darryl’s World like never before.


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"Fa'Darryl Speaks" is variety talk show covering a range of topics from sex to Jesus.  On "Fa'Darryl Speaks -  Unsensered", Fa'Darryl displays his acting ability as he takes on several hilarious and unique characters, each with something to say. In a time when there is much confusion and sadness throughout the world, Fa'Darryl offers a fresh perspective on many different topics, including racism in the mini youtube series "Dear Black People and Allies". 

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