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Welcome to Fa'Darryl's World.  Here you can discover all there is to know about the rising talent that is Fa'Darryl.  From music to movies to education and philanthropy, Fa’Darryl dominates as a force across multiple industries.  Most notably world renowned as a singer/songwriter, Fa’Darryl is fearless in the expression of his many creative gifts, skills, and talents.  Few words can truly capture all that Fa’Darryl is and all that he does, but here is your unique opportunity to journey and explore Fa’Darryl’s World like never before.



"Fa'Darryl Speaks" is variety talk show covering a range of topics from sex to Jesus.  On "Fa'Darryl Speaks -  Unsensered", Fa'Darryl displays his acting ability as he takes on several hilarious and unique characters, each with something to say. In a time when there is much confusion and sadness throughout the world, Fa'Darryl offers a fresh perspective on many different topics, including racism in the mini youtube series "Dear Black People and Allies". 

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About Fa'Darryl Music

As an artist and musician, Fa'Darryl sets out not only to make great music, but to create a lasting and impressionable musical experience for his listeners, fans, and supporters.  His debut album, "Last Man Standing",  has won him critical acclaim amongst fans and industry professionals alike for its daring combination of both rhythm and gospel music.  Touching on a variety of subjects from love, faith, heartbreak, and forgiveness, with this album release Fa'Darryl broke musical barriers while bridging the gap between inspirational and popular music.


Executive Produced by: Fa'Darryl Brown

Written and Directed by: Michael D. Ballard 

Dushon, a.k.a. Dee, never really had much, but what he had, he always shared with his street hustling cousin, Kenneth, and his childhood friend, chart topping producer, James Banner.  It was Dee's nature to look out for others the way his grandmother had looked out for him and his troubled cousin.  But what happens when the loyalty of family is challenged by the strength of true love, and threatened by bonds of friendship?  Dushon is forced to answer this question soon after he falls head-over-heels for Jasmine, a beautiful and mysterious aspiring RnB singer who suddenly moves to Chicago in hopes of pursuing dreams of breaking into the music business. What is she really after, and how far will she go to get it?  And will the bonds of brotherhood and friendship survive this new arrival?


"Friends, Family, and Lovers" the Soundtrack

Executive Produced by: Fa'Darryl Brown

Following the theme of the film, the "Friends, Family, and Lovers" Soundtrack is divided into three distinct categories of the hottest music from the film, which includes a three volume collection of music for each group of listeners; friends, family, as well as lovers. Oooo la la...

Volume 1 - "Friends"

Comprising of a collection of club bangers and urban chill music. This album includes hits from Spider Mic & Shaun Cook, Lorell Augustine, Treasure LA, Misfitz Musik, Dre Day, Destiny, and Mimi Le Grand.

Volume 2 - "Family"

This collection of music is sure to touch the heart and bring the family together in faith with its inspirational melodies and uplifting hits by Chicago's very own Bill Winston Ministries, Kevin Gray, Dewayne Coleman, Kim Stratton, Christal Luster, Arison & P.O.R., Kevin Gray, Dewayne Coleman, Shekinah Glory Ministries, Frankie Parker, Voice Musiq & Mr. Money Rogers, James Eichelberger, Ugochi, and Mykah (of the Misfitz).

Volume 3 - "Lovers"

This soulful volume of music has been carefully designed for all of the lovers in the building.  It covers many of the hills and valleys we experience following in and out of love...and lust.  Featuring hits from international sensation, Saul City, as well as Zo the Beatboi, Lorell Augustine, Beatiful Sol, and Fa'Darryl aka Eli Jah (of the Misfitz).

"Friends, Family, and Lovers" Platinum Mix

The Platinum Mix is a bonus collection of music from the artists of the soundtrack, and includes exclusive releases from Arison & P.O.R., Mykah (of the Misfitz), Jason Stratton,  and Treasure LA.